• The Library Media Center maintains a collection of materials that supports the curriculum and provides faculty and staff access to materials that meet their diversified interests. It is a place where students can read, relax, and explore. Classroom behavior rules are expected to be followed when a student is in the library.  In order to create a pleasant atmosphere where we gather and work together, the following procedures and rules must be adhered to:


    Use your quiet voice while in the library.

    Be respectful, courteous and cooperative with teachers and fellow students.


    Your hands should be clean before handling library books.

    Take care when holding books, remembering to never hold the book spine.

    Always use a shelf marker/ruler when you are previewing a book.  

    If you do not want to check a book out, please put it back where you found it.

    When books are chosen to take home, take care of them while in your possession.

    Keep them in a safe place away from pets and small children.


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