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    Dear Parents,

    Today your child is borrowing a book from our school library.  We have spent time discussing proper Library behavior and book care rules and responsibility.  Please mark your calendar with your child’s assigned Library day.  Your child must return the book on their assigned day in order to borrow a new book. Though not all of the books are in perfect condition, we do charge for lost or damaged books.  We charge $18 for any hardcover book, and $8 for any paperback book.

    Your children have been taught the following rules about Library books:

    1. Keep the book clean.
    2. Keep the book in a safe place.
    3. Do not get the book wet.
    4. Read the book.
    5. Return the book on your Library day of the following week.


    Please make time to read with your children everyday. It is an invaluable experience.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at konight@nvnet.org.

    Best wishes for a wonderful school year and happy reading!


    Mrs. Konight
    Library/Media Specialist
    County Road and Luther Lee Emerson School

    Book Selection