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     NEW Pre-School Library Lessons for week of June 8th-12th

     Good Morning PreSchool! I hope that you enjoyed the story Over in the Meadow-Barefoot Books.

    I loved your pictures of your favorite animals. This is a great story that is also a song.

    There have been many other Over in the _____________ stories made following this pattern.

    This week I would like to share with you: Over in the Jungle-Marianne Berkes and Jeanette Canyon

    In this book you will learn about many interesting Rainforest creatures. It is also a COUNTING book

    so see if you can FIND and COUNT all of the animals and Rainforest flowers.

    Please enjoy the story video then you may check out the activities below.

    Print out one of these Rainforest coloring pages or draw your own Rainforest picture.

    Don't forget your umbrellas! 

    The Rainforest Song

    Cosmic Kids-Brain Break-Walking Through the Jungle

    Animal Dance and Freeze-Jack Hartmann

    Rainforest Coloring Page

    Jungle Counting Activity 


    Blue Morpho Butterfly




    NEW Pre-School Library Lessons for week of May 25-29th

    Hello  Preschool! I hope that you have been playing outside and having fun this weekend. Last week we learned about  Eric Carle and

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I saw some of the caterpillar projects you made, and I hope you enjoyed doing some Yoga.

    For this week's Library class we will be exploring "Over in the Meadow" stories and songs. Can you spot the Toads, Robins, Muskrats, Crows, Bees, Lizards, Spiders, Mice, Sheep, and Fish?

    Please visit this link on You Tube for the story and song: Over in the Meadow-Barefoot Books

    Then have your child draw a picture of their favorite animal, "over in the meadow". 






    Very Hungry Catepillar







    NEW Pre-School Library Lessons for week of May 11th-15th 

     Good Afternoon PreSchool!!!

    This week we will be reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar-by Eric Carle and moving like a caterpillar with Cosmic Kids Yoga.

    After enjoying the story and some movement together you can print 
    out the attached activity pages or try one of the Caterpillar Craft ideas.

    Parents please click on the links below:
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar-by Eric Carle

    Cosmic Kids Yoga - The Very Hungry Caterpillar


    Activity Pages:
    Very Hungry Caterpillar Coloring Page

    Hungry Caterpillar Connect the Fruit Activity

    Caterpillar Craft Ideas
    Paper Chain Caterpillar Craft-The Spruce.com




    NEW Pre-School Lessons for week of May 4-8th







    NEW Pre School Lessons April 27-May 1st

    Good Morning PreSchool! This week for Library we will learning more about Baby Animals.

    1.  Click the links to watch a read aloud of the Eric Carle story: Baby Bear, Baby Bear What Do You See? 

         and Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? -Eric Carle -with Music

    2.  After your child views these stories, please have them draw a picture of their favorite animal

         from either of these books. Please share your drawings with me  konight@nvnet.org.                                                                                                                                                       .                                                                                                                                                 

    3. Children may then do any of the attached pages for fun. They are not mandatory.

        Baby Bear Animals Activity Matching

        Bown Bear Handprint Craft

        Brown Bear-Color Match

        Brown Bear Dot to Dots

    4. For a little fun and movement try this active learning game.

    What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?
    To play this game, the kids line up a good distance away from the player chosen to be Mr. Fox. The kids shout, "What time is it, Mr. Fox?" And "Mr. Fox" answers with a time of day. The kids then get to take that number of steps toward him. Hughes, however, suggests a twist: "When the kids are called over, the parent (or Mr. Fox) can implement the use of imagination by saying things like 'Take two elephant steps over,' or 'Take three steps like a mouse.' Kids love to pretend to be animals." The first player to pass Mr. Fox wins.





    NEW Pre-School Library Lessons for week of April 20th-24th

    Good Morning PreSchool! This week for Library we will be learning about Baby Animals.

    *Parents please follow this link to Scholastic Learn at Home Activity: Scholastic Learn at Home Series Day 3-Life Cycles Baby Animals 

    Have your child watch the story, Is Your Mama a Llama and then read together the non-fiction text: Animal Babies-by Elaine Pascoe. After reading click on the links on the left side of the books to complete each of the learning activities.

    If you are outside with your child look for any animals or their babies. For example: baby ducks, baby birds, squirrels, bunnies etc. Talk about the different names of baby animals too such as: calf, chick, puppy, kitten, foal, etc.

    View: Scholastic Watch and Learn Library-Taking Care of Baby and take the quiz together.

    pup       piglet   







    NEW Pre-School Library Lessons for week of April 13-17th.         magnifying glass            abc blocks        sun smiling

    Good morning Pre School! This week for Library we will be playing I Spy!

    You will make your own I Spy, listen to a story, play I Spy games online, and try I Spy with

    your family. 

    1. With your Mom or Dad go to Make Your Own I Spy

    2. Try to create your own I Spy picture and write your own riddle.

    3. Then try the other I Spy games on this site, I Spy BingoI Spy CityI Spy Library.

    4. After this you can watch this for a fun I Spy Phonics practice: I Spy Phonics Fun

        or this one:I Spy Letters I Spy Letters Part 2 and a fun interactive Puppet I Spy Scholastic I Spy Junior Puppet Playhouse


    For some "Screen" free time with your family try these activities:

    *Play the old-fashioned I Spy by taking turns being the "Spy" and the Finder

    for items in your backyard, your kitchen, or playroom.

    *Collect a couple of small items such as action figures, Legos, toy cars, or other small toys and set them up on a table.

    Have your Mom, Dad, brother, or sister try to find items that you tell them to find.

    For example: I Spy with my little eye, A Lego Batman, an LOL doll, 5 green Legos, and a penny.


    Lessons for week of March 30-April 3 (Easter and Passover Fun)

    Bunny Song

    Five Little Bunnies

    The Passover Song for Kids

    Runaway Bunny-by Maragaret Wise Brown


    Lesson for the week of March 23

    Good Morning Pre-Schoolers! I loved your SUPER SPACE and PLANET pictures!

    Tbis week in Library we will be celebrating SPRING!

    1.  If you have a chance to go outside and play in your yard or take a walk.

         Use your senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch/Feel) tell what you

         see, hear, smell, and feel outside now that it is Spring!

    2.  Have your Mommy or Daddy help your write down what you: see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

         If you do not get to go outside or take a walk you can imagine what you would see, hear, taste, 

         Then draw a picture and write a sentence to tell what you like to do in the SPRING!

         Then you may share it with me: konight@nvnet.org

    Please enjoy the following SPRING read aloud stories and videos together.

    Welcome Spring Sing Along Story

    Peep-A Spring Thing

    Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms














    Lesson for the week of March 16th

     Good Morning PreSchoolers!

    Today for Library we will be learning about Outer Space and the Solar System.

    3, 2, 1, Blastoff. 

    1. At PBS Kids site you learn about Space from Ready Jet Go-PBS KIDS Ready Jet Go!

    2. On YouTube please watch the STORY BOTS song Story Bots Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    3. On YouTube or Netflix please watch the Story Bots song Story Bots Planets Song

    4. After watching draw a picture of outer space, the planets, and stars.

        You can use any art supplies or stickers you have at home, then have your parents take a picture of your work and

        email it to me at: konight@nvnet.org, or bring me your picture when we return to school.

        If you have any books about space or stars at home read them with your Mom and Dad!

        Thank you and have fun exploring

         Love, Mrs. Konight


    Lesson for the week of March 23

    Coming Soon