• Our Small Group Instruction (SGI) programs are designed in a way to help better meet the academic needs of our students.  These programs range in skills that are covered in Math, Reading and Language Arts.  The classroom teachers work diligently to ensure that they are differentiating instruction in order to meet the individual needs of the students.  However, at times some students require more attention which comes in the form of pull-out and/or push-in programming.  This is provided in our Basic Skills Instruction (BSI) and Supplemental Literacy Instruction (SLI) classes.  Students are referred to one of these programs through a thorough process. 

    A teacher may refer a student to the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Committee.  This is a committee in each school that comes together to meet and come up with ideas to help students who may struggle academically, socially and/or behaviorally.  One of those ideas, if the concern is academic, would be to enter the student into the BSI or SLI program.  However, the committee is dedicated to collecting data first prior to doing so and allowing the student time to improve on certain skills.  

    Below is a list of our professional staff members who work in these different academic areas along with a link to their websites:

    BSI at CRS:

    Mrs. Gina Long


    BSI at LLE:

    Mrs. Lauren Magnifico


    Reading Reinforcement at CRS/LLE:

    Ms. Christie Choman