NEW! CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons Week of June 8th-JUNE 12TH   

    Good Morning First Graders!  Clouds are so much fun but now we will be diving in to the Sea!

    We will be exploring the OCEAN and some of the creatures who live there.

    What do you know about HERMIT CRABS? Did you ever see one or have on as a pet?

    Well, for Library this week I would like to share a very special book by: ERIC CARLE.

    This book is called: A HOUSE FOR HERMIT CRAB.

    *Please check out my VIRTUAL NIGHTTIME STORY TIME LINK for an interactive reading of this book.

    I am also including some fun videos for you to help you learn more about HERMIT CRABS.

    Click here for the story and more Hermit Crab fun: A House for Hermit Crab-by Eric Carle

    Amazing Hermit Crabs-Shell Exchange

    Monterey Bay Aquarium-Hermit Crab-A to Z

    After enjoying the book and videos to learn all about HERMIT CRABS you can color and decorate

    HERMIT CRAB and its shell. 

    1. Print out the HERMIT CRAB coloring page below and then color and decorate its SHELL.

    2. Then you can choose to either draw an Ocean background on that page or you can cut out your

         HERMIT CRAB and glue it to another paper and add an Ocean background.

    3. Please share a picture of your project when it is complete at konight@nvnet.org.


    *Monterey Bay Aquarium has so many fun things to explore with your family. You can check out all

    the cool animals who live there. Click this link to get to the LIVE Cams.  Monterey Bay Aquarium-Webcams

    My favorite is the Open Ocean Cam, the Penguins, and the Jelly Cam (So Relaxing!)

    You never know who or what you will see swimming by... 

    *Parents, there are also special FREE Virtual Programs the aquarium is offering that you and your

    child can join in.




    NEW! CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons Week of May 25TH-JUNE 5TH   

    GOOD MORNING FIRST GRADERS, I hope you had a great weekend and Memorial Day.

    Last week we learned about RAINBOWS. This week in Library we will be learning all about CLOUDS.

    Have you ever taken a moment to look up at the sky and notice the different shapes in the CLOUDS?

    I like to watch the CLOUDS and sometimes I see the shapes of: dinosaurs, dolphins, puppies, cotton candy, sharks and dragons!

    Take time to look at the sky and see what you can see.

    This week's story is a book called: Cloudette-by Tom Lichtenheld. We will be listening to the story, and doing some learning

    acitivities and some fun science you can try at home. Just click on the links below for fun things to do.

    Have fun exploring the CLOUDS!!!

    Cloudette Book Trailer

    Cloudette Read Aloud

    Cloudette Word Search

    Cloudette Memory Match Game

    Clouds and Weather-Everyday Learning

    The STEM LAB Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment


    STEM Activity-from RIF.org

    Materials: cotton balls, white glue, Q-tips, bowl

    Allow your child to construct their own cumulus clouds.

    Have your child first  draw out a design plan for their cumulus cloud.

    Place glue in a bowl

    Have your child use the Q-tip to place a small amount of glue on a cotton ball.

    Attach another cotton ball to begin structure. Continue adding cotton balls

    until cloud design has been achieved.

    When finished, discuss challenges faced during construction.

    SCIENCE DEMO-from RIF.org
    Materials: cotton ball, small clear cup, water
    Fill each cup with an inch of water.

    Ask your child to hold their “cloud” (cotton ball) and describe how it feels.

    Next, have your child gently place their cloud on top of the water.

    Explain that clouds are actually made up of tiny water droplets.

    When evaporated water travels upward and hits cold air,
    it turns into the water droplets that make up the
    cloud. Ask students to pick up clouds. Have them
    describe how the cloud feels. Is it light or heavy?
    Warm or cold? What happens as the cloud
    becomes more saturated? Why is water falling
    from the cotton ball cloud? How is that similar to
    what happens with real clouds? Explain. 




    New!! CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons Week of May 11th-20th         

    Good Morning First Graders. Thank you for sending me all of your Star Wars week pictures.

    I can see that you had fun. For Library this week we will be doing some science and learning about RAINBOWS!

    With all of the crazy weather we have been having... Snow, Sun, Rain... you might just see a real one.


    Parents: Please go to the Scholastic Learn at Home Resources page (Create a Free Account if You Have Not Done So Yet)

    Then Select  Grades 1-2 Week #3 Day #12-Physical Science-Rainbows

    Be sure to click on the link that says Take Me There to access the books and activities for this lesson.
    Please have your child read/listen to the two books and watch the video.

    Then try the Puzzlers Game and Explore the Web for more fun.

    If you would like to try these Science experiments or crafts at home click the links.

    Kidzone-Catch a Rainbow Science Experiment 

    6 Easy Science Experiments    

    Have fun exploring.









    NEW- GRADE 1 Library Lessons for week of May 4-8th







    New!! CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons Week of April 27th-May 1st                                                                               

    Good Morning First Grade! This week we will continue our study of the                                                                                     

    Solar System and Space. You will have a chance to hear a story read by an astronaut from space!!!

    Please click on the link below with your Mom or Dad to view this story and to learn more about the ISS

    (International Space Station).

    Curious Kids About the International Space Station

    DK Find Out-What is a Space Station?

    DK Find Out-International Space Station

    Story Time From Space-Mousetronaut 

    After listening to the story, Mousetronaut-by Mark Kelly point out that the reader was Scott Kelly who 

    is Mark Kelly's brother. Both Mark and Scott are astronauts, and Mark actually flew missions with real mice.

    You can watch this cool Space Shuttle Launch Video: Space Shuttle Discovery Launch HD Play Loud

    Finally have your child complete the attached My Mission-Rocket Activity. They may write their ideas and color their rockets.

    Please share a picture of their work. You may send your pictures to konight@nvnet.org


    Mousetronaut Book Cover


     New CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons Week of April 20th-April 24th

    Good Morning First Grade! I loved seeing all of your nests! They sure look cozy.

    I discovered in my backyard that have a nest of baby Wrens in one of our birdhouses... I will try to take some pictures.

    If you are still working on last week's stories and your nests please do not worry. You have time to enjoy working on them.

    In Library this week we will be exploring Science the Solar System and Stars

    *Parents please follow this link to: Scholastic Learn at Home Day 8-Earth Science and Stars at this site Have your child watch the story, Stars, Stars, Stars!-by Bob Barner and then read the non-fiction text: Looking Through a Telescope-by Barbara Bullock After reading click on the links on the left side of the books to do your choice of the other web-based learning activities.


    Have your child view: Scholastic Watch and Learn Library-What's In the Night Sky?-then have your child take the quiz.

    It might be fun to look outside to see if you can observe the night sky or identify any constellations together. April is supposed to have a giant Super moon too. An amazing app that my children and I love to use for stargazing and sky watching is the Star Walk App which might be fun and useful for you.


    Enjoy these cool songs and videos from the Story Bots (Also available on Netflix)


    Story Bots-Outer Space Planets Songs

    Finally use a dark piece of paper and some light colored crayons or colored pencils and stickers or paint to create your own constellations.

    Give them a name a send me a pic of your work. You know I love seeing your creative ideas!

    Happy Star Watching! You might even get to stay up a little past your bedtimes...Love, Mrs. Konight.                                                                          cute star 2

    NEW CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons Week of April 13th-April 17th and April 20th-April 24th.    bird with book


    This week in Library we will be learning about Birds and other animals that make nests.

    Have you ever seen a nest? Was there one in your yard, in a garden or a tree?

    Did you see one at your Grandpa's house or on a hike in the woods.

    Lots of different kinds of animals make nests.  After completing these activities: Students will tell which animals make nests,

    and share what they know about nests and the animals that make them. 

    First you will be watching some stories read aloud online and watching some science videos to learn more.

    Some of the stories are fiction and some will be non-fiction.

    1. Watch this read aloud of PD Eastman's book: The Best Nest

    The Best Nest

    2. Watch this read aloud of Catherine Friend's book: The Perfect Nest

    The Perfect Nest

    You Tube Videos:

    What Do Nests Look Like-Nature Nuggets

    Humminbird Builds a Tiny Nest-PBS Nature

    3. Please draw a picture of either a real nest or the ultimate imaginary "Perfect" nest inspired by the story, The Perfect Nest.

    4. Please send me a picture of the nests you design at konight@nvnet.org

    Robin's Nest


     star New 

    Lesson for the week of March 30th-April 3rd
    CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons

    Good Morning 1st Graders! This week we will be looking at the book:

    The Easter Egg by Jan Brett, and you will be learning about how she got the idea

    to make and illustrate the book. Please view the video from the author below to meet her chickens

    and to find out more. Then watch the read aloud of this beautiful picture book. Remember to pay attention to the 

    illustrations in the "key hole" on the top an sides of each pages for clues about the story.

    After reading please print and complete the Easter ABC Order sheet and the Easter Egg Reading Response Activities (3)

    You may take a picture of your completed work and share it with me: konight@nvnet.org or just turn it in when we return to school.

    I hope you enjoy this story of Hoppi in this book. I miss you.

    Love, Mrs. Konight

    P.S. Check out my NIGHTIME STORYTIME  episodes on my home page for more books read by me and some special guests.

      Jan Brett-The Easter Egg

    The Easter Egg-by Jan Brett Read Aloud

    Easter ABC Order

    The Easter Egg Reading Response 


    If you have finished, see below for some fun Easter and Passover stories,

    videos, and activities for you.                


     What is Passover? Picture Book 

    Passover By Miriam Nerlove

    The Best Four Questions

    Fun Passover Crafts and Activities


    Fun Family Easter Crafts and Activities

    50 Eggstra Fun Easter Activities

    Pinkalicious Pincredible Story Maker


    Lesson for the week of March 23rd-April 3rd
    CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons
    If you enjoyed reading the storires of Frog and Toad and wathcing their video adventures try watching these.

    Frog and Toad Cookies

    Frog and Toad Together

    I loved all of your Frog and Toad Letters! Maybe try writing a second letter from Frog or Toad to another friend, Mom or Dad, or a Grandparent, and mail it to them.
    Now let's learn the difference between Frogs and Toads.
    Click on these links and videos to learn about Frogs and Toads.

    Frog or Toad? Sci Show Kids

    Ranger Rick Amphibians Facts

    Frogs San Diego Zoo

    After checking out these links, complete the pages below to show what you learned about frogs and toads
    and how they are alike and how they are different.

    You may print these out and turn them in once we return to school or you make take a photo and share with me

    online. Now "Hop" along and read!!! 

    Frog and Toad Activities

    Frog and Toad Acivity Sheets 


    Lesson for the week of March 16th

    CRS Grade 1-Library Lessons

     Frog and Toad Are Friends

    Please watch this animated story on YouTube


    Then complete the following activity:

    In this story Frog writes a letter to his best friend, Toad.

    He is so excited and can’t wait unitl his friend gets the letter.

    Frog and Toad have many adventures and love spending time together.

    Pretend you are Frog (Your Name) or Toad and  and write a letter to a Frog or Toad (Name of Your Friend).

    You can deocrate your letter, draw a picture, or even add some stickers then put in in an envelope.

     Take a picture of your letter and email it to me at: konight@nvnet.org.


    Dear Toad Erik,

    I like to go play in the sand with you. You are my good friend.

    Would you like to ride bikes? I will let you borrow my book about stars. Maybe we can make some cookies too.

    Please write back to me.

    I love letters.

    Your friend,

    Frog Konight


    Dear Frog Gabriella,

    It was so fun having a picnic with you. You are good

    at hula hooping. What is your favorite color? Do you want

    to play basketball? Tomorrow let’s splash at the pond.

    Write back to me soon.


    Toad Erik 

    You may print out a template for your letter here: