welcome to music
    County Road School (Room 107)

    Luther Lee Emerson School (Room 101)


    Welcome Back!
    An exciting musical year is ahead of us. In both County Road and Luther Lee Emerson schools, students will explore music in various ways. We will showcase our learning in various performances during the year. Please stay tuned to all the upcoming performances and musical events. See you SOON!

    Contact Information:

    Name: Miss. Giesu Ahn

    Department: General / Vocal Music

    Buldg: County Road School (Rm 107), Luther Lee Emerson School (Rm 101)

    Email: ahng@nvnet.org

    "Music is a fundamental and powerful component of an arts education. It helps to enrich a student's understanding of the human experience across cultural lines and historical eras. An education in music strengthens creativity and helps students develop aesthetic potential. Furthermore, music education increases students' appreciation of music and continues a balanced program of career education." - From the Northern Valley School's Music Curriculum Guide