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    I am thrilled to be teaching your children this year!

    Below is some information about our classroom.  Feel free to contact me is by email: formak@nvnet.org 


    peanut WE are a peanut/tree nut free classroom this year! Please read labels before sending in snacks!


    Students enjoy hands on experiments every week. During the experiments we complete lab sheets. Each student is responsible for keeping a folder with all the experiments and observations for the year. We have four main topics and several small text modules.

    Topics include: Changes on the Surface of the Earth; Forces, such as electricity, sound, light, gravity; Matter which is simple chemistry with liquids, solids and gases; and Body Systems which is covered in Health class. 

    Social Studies:

    1. Important United States Documents
    2. 3 Branches of government
    3. 50 States territories
    4. Economy 



    The students will use a Health text book this year and read relevant articles from Current Health magazine. The conversation really sparks during Health class! Every student becomes an active participant. Students will have the chance to act out many scenarios and write skits that reflect everyday situations that they may find themselves in.

    Health is a lot of fun and we cover many topics; Personal Health and Wellness, Growth and Development, Systems of the Body, Character Development, and more!