Principal's Corner

  • We here at County Road and Luther Lee Emerson Schools strive to achieve true success in many ways.  Safety and a solid education are two of the most important aspects that we work towards for everyone in our school community.

    Our P-4 environment is one that is caring and nurturing.  The schools are well equipped with technology, a sound curriculum and are staffed by an outstanding group of professionals.  With all of this combined we are working to prepare your child for the 21st century.

    As mentioned before, we strive for success and to be the best elementary school that we can be.  There are many characteristics that make a great school.  Here are some that we work towards:

    1. Students who love learning and always try their best to achieve high levels of success.

    2. All within our community having school spirit and pride.

    3. Students who care about their classmates and treat each other with respect.

    4. Students who respect themselves.

    5. Staff members who are dedicated to working with each student on an individual basis to help meet their needs.

    6. Staff members who are committed to the safety of all within our school.

    7. Parents who work collaboratively with their child’s teacher.

    8. Parents who are dedicated to their child’s education.

    With this list, our dedicated staff, our educationally active parents, and most of all our driven students I can confidently say that CRS and LLE are always working towards success.

    Thank you for visiting our sight and please join us in working towards our goals.


    Mr. Frank J. Mazzini


    Phone: 201-768-6060