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    Reading Workshop Strategies
    In first grade, children will read many genres of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, by a wide variety of authors.  It is important for children to read daily in school as well as at home, as it helps a child to develop greater fluency, expression, vocabulary, and comprehension. Below is a list of comprehension strategies your child will be using throughout the year during reading.

    1. Making Connections
    • Prior Knowledge
    • Text to Self
    • Text to Text
    • Text to World

    2. Visualizing
    • Use your five senses to create a mental picture
    • Visualize a movie in your mind when you read

    3. Inferring (connecting what you know to what you read)
    • Make Predictions
    • Draw Conclusions

    4. Questioning (Who, What, When, Where, How)
    Ask questions before you read
    • Ask questions as you read
    • Ask questions after you read
    5. Determining Important Ideas
    • The Big Idea
    • Author’s Purpose

    6. Synthesizing
    • Retelling
    • Book Reviews

     Phonics/Decoding Strategies