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    knowledge is power


           Our formal spelling program, which is aligned with Phonics First, will begin in October.  Each week a new spelling rule will be introduced and our goal is for the children to be able to apply the rule independently. Having said that, you will notice that on each list there will be a couple of “Mystery Words”.  These words will be given on Fridays during the Spell Check to ensure retention and application of the new spelling rule.  In addition, we will also be adding “Red Words” to our Spell Checks.  These words are non-phonetic and require memorization.  The students have to stop and memorize through a multisensory technique because they cannot be sounded out using phonetic rules.  These words will be reviewed during the week as part of our phonics instruction. In addition, your child will be bringing home a blue spelling sentence book each Monday. They will need to use each spelling word in a sentence or make up a story of their own using their word list.  Spelling books are due back in school on Friday:)