•  Amazing Apps For
       First Graders!

    Language Arts
                         Pocket Phonics                                           Bob Books                                                  ABC Tracing           
                             SENTENCE READING MAGIC                                                                                   Sight Words 2 : 140+ learn to read flashcards and games app for kids. Play word bingo!  
                            Sentence Magic                                              Mad Libs                                              Sight Words    
                                                                                                         doodle buddy app
                              Spelling Test                                            Fun Rhyming                                 Doodle Buddy


                  Tic Tac Toe Phonics                               Practice Spelling Words



                                  Flash To Pass                                         Piggy HD                             Geometry4Kids
                               Number line Frog                                 Telling Time                       Adventure Undersea Math (+)
                            Splash Math Grade 1