• When helping your child read at home, several strategies may be used to aid in decoding unknown words.
    1. Tell your child to look at the picture. You may tell them the
    word is something that can be seen in the picture, if that is the
    2. Tell your child to look for chunks in the word, such as it in sit or
    at in mat.
    3. Ask your child to get his/her mouth ready to say the word by
    shaping the mouth for the beginning letter.
    4. Ask if the word looks like another word they know.
    Does bed look like red?, for example.
    5. Ask your child to go on and read to the end of the sentence.
    Often by reading the other words in context, the child can
    figure out the unknown word.

    6. Have your child "stretch out" or "tap out" the words listening
     for the beginning, middle, and ending sounds.
    7. If your child says the wrong word while reading, ask questions
    Does it make sense?
    Does it sound right?
    Does it look right?
    Reading Strategies Chart : This reading strategies chart may be used when your child gets stuck on a word or when it does not make sense.  You may print it out and use it when reading. These strategies are reinforced within the school day.


    Tips from Mrs. Licameli for Reluctant Readers

    Do you have a reluctant reader? These strategies can help:

    boy reading Look at each book before your child starts reading it. Guess what might happen and who the characters might be. When your child finishes the book, let him or her tell you whether your predictions were accurate.

    boy reading Let your child see that reading is important to you. Make time to read while your child is reading.

    boy reading Build your child's vocabulary. Introduce new words each day and use them!

    boy reading Music and rhymes help young children develop strong reading skills, especially when reading aloud.

    smiling apple Encourage reading with a reading chart using stickers or other indicators of your child's progress.  Remember, too, that there is no substitute for praising success at reading.