Houghton Mifflin Reading Program 

                      First Grade Parent Summary

           The program's components are:

                 * phonics decoding                                                                                               

                * high-frequency words

                 * comprehension skills

                 * reading strategies

                 * spelling, grammar, and writing


     It is through this theme approach that the reading skills are taught, 
                                      practiced, and assessed.

                 * Each theme is three weeks in length.

                 * During this time, the students learn phonics decoding skills and are taught high

                    frequency words.

                 * Students practice reading strategies and develop comprehension skills.

                 * Students learn how to grammatically spell, speak and write.


               This practical reading approach meets student needs through:

             * teacher instruction

            * guided reading

                 * small group instruction 

                 * peer interactive practice

                 * additional reading practice in flexible groups

                 * home/evening reading practices

                 * assessments


                          To support this program, parents and guardians can:

             * Be attentive to the daily and weekly schedules that your child follows in the reading


                 * Practice the weekly sounds your child learns.

                 * Practice high frequency words, so your child can read and write these words

                 * Have your child read to you, asking those questions that answer who? what? when?

                    where? why? how? about the reading they do.

                 * Model good reading for your child and help to develop a love for reading.