Covid 19 virus

Health Office Covid FAQ 22-23 School Year

  • Symptomatic Students:

    ● Parents of symptomatic students should keep their child home and contact their child’s

    nurse prior to sending their child to school.

    When illness occurs in school including symptoms consistent with Covid-19, the student will be

    required to wear a mask until they are picked up.

    Covid Testing:

    ● If your child has symptoms and the nurse advises that they need to be tested for Covid

    to be cleared to return to school, it must be a third party test (ie doctor’s office, testing

    facility). Negative home tests will not be accepted for symptomatic students.

    Covid Quarantine and Isolation Procedures:

    ● Students who are close contacts of a Covid positive individual are no longer required to

    quarantine as long as they do not have any symptoms. If a student is a close contact

    and develops symptoms, testing should be performed right away. If a student is a close

    contact and does not develop symptoms, testing is recommended 6 days after the date

    of last contact with the positive individual.

    ● Covid positive students must be isolated for five days from the onset of symptoms, or the

    positive test (test date/first day of symptoms is day 0). The return to school date will be

    provided by your child’s school nurse.They can return to school on day six wearing a

    mask at all times through day ten. On days 6-10, students will eat snacks outside the

    classroom. For lunch, we kindly ask if you can pick them up and return them to school

    when lunch is over to give them a mask break. If you can not pick up your child, they will

    eat in a separate location.

    ● We will be offering remote/virtual instruction only to students who are positive for Covid.

    Remote instruction will begin twenty four hours after the school nurse receives the

    positive diagnosis. This will provide the teacher time to prepare and your child a window

    into his or her classroom. Students can also access their missed work and homework

    through Google Classroom and Schoology.


    ● During the 2022-2023 school year, mask wearing is optional with a few exceptions.

    Students choosing to wear a mask will be supported and instruction will be provided to

    our students on respecting the decisions of others.

    ● Masks will be required for any student who has a positive household contact, as there is

    a higher incidence of household transmission. If there is a household case, please

    contact your child’s school nurse. Masks must be worn for 10 days after the last

    contact with the positive household member.

    ● Masks must be worn on days 6-10 for returning positive cases, as indicated above.