• General  Information

    Description:  The goal of the school health office is to strengthen and facilitate the educational process by protecting and improving the health of both the students and staff.  The New Jersey State Department of Education mandates school health services in all public schools.  These services include maintaining immunization records and records of physical exam reports, exclusion of students with infectious conditions, health screenings that include height, weight, vision and hearing, care of urgent illness and injury, care of special needs students and administration of medications.

    Changes in your child's health status:  It is very important that your child's school health record is updated any time there is a change in his/her health status.  Please inform the school nurse as soon as possible.

    Illness or Injury while at school: If your child does become ill or injured at school, the school nurse will give first aide and contact you.  You can discuss with the nurse if your child needs further treatment and should go home.  IF YOUR CHILD IS DIAGNOSED WITH FLU OR FLU LIKE ILLNESS THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL RECOMMENDS THEY STAY HOME FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS AFTER THEIR FEVER IS GONE, WITHOUT USING FEVER-REDUCING MEDICINES LIKE ACETAMINOPHEN OR IBUPROFEN.   Any student that is out ill for 3 or more consecutive days is required to have a doctor's note when they return to school.  Please make sure you contact the school absence line anytime your child will not be in school for any reason.  The Luther Lee Emerson attendance line is available 24/7.  The attendance line is 201 768-6060, press 2 for Luther Lee Emerson, then press 2 for student absence line and follow the voice prompts.

    Medication Policy:  The administration of prescription or over-the-counter medications should be avoided during school hours if possible.  If it is necessary that your child require medication in school, an approved school medication form must be completed.  Please contact the health office to obtain these forms, or they can be downloaded from my web page. All medication forms can be found under the Health Office Forms tab.   NO medication will be given until these forms are complete.  All medication that is brought to school must be labeled by the pharmacist with the child's name, doctor's name, name of medication, and directions for usage.  The medication form will be in effect for the entire school year, unless indicated by your doctor.  All medication forms need to be renewed annually.