• Curiosity Corner Curriculum



    - Demarest Early Learners program utilizes the Curiosity Corner Curriculum.  Our full-day preschool program utilizes play to explore thematic units throughout the course of the year.  During this time the students develop age appropriate social emotional skills with the help of the curriculum.

    - Curiosity Corner is a complete, developmentally appropriate program for three and four year olds.  The program encourages exploration through cooperative learning, center-based activities, reading circles and themes to educate young children.  
    -  Curiosity Corner is designed to provide a strong foundation in language and literacy, mathematics, science, listening and social skills through thematic instruction.




    • To provide an opportunity for creative self-expression through play, music and art.

    • To develop social skills of sharing, helping and interacting with others.

    • To develop a nurturing environment where achievement and continued effort are acknowledged and valued.

    • To develop student communication skills to meet the demands of our global society.

    • To prepare children for kindergarten, including teaching independence and self-help skills along with full visual alphabet recognition.

    • To create a school community that provides a comfortable atmosphere to encourage a sense of pride and unity.

    • To promote good citizenship through ongoing involvement in local and global issues.

    • To foster the development of essential skills and attitudes for a productive life in a competitive world.

    • To develop life-long habits promoting mental, emotional and physical well-being.



    Curriculum Components


    Gathering Circle
    Children are welcomed into the classroom and participate in circle time activities.


    Plan & Play

    Students engage in imaginative play and exploring materials while experimenting, observing, and recording data.  They interact together enhancing interpersonal, oral-language, and cognitive skills.


    Story Telling and Retelling (STaR)

    STaR engages the children in literature and concepts of print as they make predictions, recall events, and learn new vocabulary related to the theme.


    Move It!

    A brief daily structured movement activity that is connected to learning and thematic concepts.


    Clues & Questions

    Whole-group activity that introduces the thematic concepts.


    Rhyme Time

    Brings the whole-group activities to a close with active, theme-related rhymes and songs that promote phonological awareness.


    Getting Along Together

    Activities engage children in social problem-solving and self-regulation skill practice.


    Math Moments

    Introduces numbers and number concepts.



    Children recall and summarize activities to reinforce the skills and concepts they have learned throughout the day and the week.


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