Your child will be given a "boomerang folder" that has four pockets inside. The first section is labeled "homework" where any worksheets that are to be completed for homework will go. The next section is labeled "for parents." Anything that I need to send home or the office needs to send home will go in that section of the folder. The next section is labeled "for teacher" if there is anything that you need me to see/look at. Lastly, the "stay at home" section is strictly for papers to stay home and be read by parents/guardians. I expect your child to become independent and will ask that they sign anything that I ask a parent/guardian to sign. 

    *If money is being sent in for any reason, it is helpful to put it in an envelope with your child's name on it.* 

    Folder folder


    Please pack your child's snack separately from his/her lunch. Snack will be given everyday in the morning. Simple and healthy snacks are encouraged! 





    A note is required for the following situations:

    • After your child has been absent from school. 
    • If your child will be leaving school early.
    • If your child will be leaving for lunch. 
    • If your child goes home with anyone other than his/her designated person. 



    There will be NO special treats this year for birthdays. We will celebrate as a class but without any special snacks.


    *Students who have birthdays in the summer will celebrate in June* 



    Students are responsible for personal items. It is always a good idea to put your child's name on his/her belongings. Please do not send in any items of great value. The lost and found is located by the office.