• Google Classroom
    Basic Intro Video: 
    This year students will be using Google Classrooms to complete and submit various assignments. Please watch the video in the link above for a basic intro or follow the steps below to learn how to log on from home. 
    1.  Open your browser and go to Google. 
    2.  Log in using your student ID  (example: 203220##@nvnet.org) and password.
    Google Login
    Log in  
    3.  Once you are logged in, click on the Google Apps Grid next to your Login.
    Google Apps Grid Box
    4. Then select Classrooms from the menu.
    Google Apps Menu
    5.  Next, all of your Google Classrooms should appear.
     Google Classrooms
    6. Select the classroom you wish to enter and participate in the assignments!
     STEM classroom
     I hope this helps! Good luck!