• In our classroom we...
    On the first day of class, we read "Do Unto Otters." We talked about being considerate, respectful, caring and having manners. We brainstormed things we could GIVE to each other, to ourselves, to our teacher and to our classroom to make the year successful, comfortable and a safe learning environment.  Every student had a part in deciding our guidelines. These are the 5 "rules" that we will follow for the year:
    1. We will respect each other, ourselves and our teacher
    2. We will offer help to others when needed
    3. We will always believe in ourselves and try our best
    4. We will listen to others
    5. We will cooperate and work as a TEAM
    Discipline means learning. We strive to become good citizens, kind and respectful people and fair individuals in this class. If we make a mistake, ITS OKAY. We are here to learn, and Mrs. O'Hara will guide us to make appropriate decisions. 
     peace is being different
    Mrs. O'Hara’s class has a class DoJo to help us remember these rules. Class DoJo is a class motivational tool. Every student has their own monster emoji. There are six reasons each student can get DoJo points: helping others, being on task, participating, working hard, teamwork and cooperation. When I see students doing any of these six actions, I will tell them to add a DoJo point to their emoji. This is individual reward. The students have an opportunity to save their points up to cash in for different prizes.