• 2019-2020 District Goals
    Student Achievement: Implement a new economics curriculum to meet the NJ financial literacy standards.
    Health & Wellness: New cafeteria and recess equipment will be installed in order to promote physical movement, a healthy lifestyle, and a welcoming school climate.
    Student Achievement: Exploration of standards based assessment to align to NJSLS.

    2019-2020 Board Goals

    General: Board members will continue to explore the pathway to Demarest becoming “Sustainable Jersey Certified”. The Committee will present their findings and recommendations to the entire Board for a decision as to how to proceed.

    General: Board members will conduct a feasibility study of different Strategic Planning methods which would involve the community. They will get proposals from consulting firms and interview them for consideration.

    District  Goals  2018-2019
    1. The Demarest School District will increase safety and security by conduction a security audit in consultation with the Demarest Police Department.
    Update: Achieved
    2. A new drama and performing arts center will be created to support new curriculum standards.
    Update: Achieved
    3. The district will continue to build trust and engagement with the community outreach initiatives with the addition of district Twitter account. 
    Update: Achieved
    4. The district will continue to establish ways for students to use social media responsibility. Presentations will be given to parents to educate families on the pros and cons of social media and cell phone use.
    Update: Achieved
    Board Goals 2018-2019
    1. Board members will explore the pathway to Demarest School becoming "Sustainable Jersey Certified".
    Update: To be continued as a goal for 2019-2020
    2. Board members will select an area of professional development to explore and bring back learnings to the board for presentation and discussion.
    Update: Achieved