• District Goals 2020-2021

    To prepare a plan for the Demarest School District which offers various ways of teaching in September (in-person and virtual) based upon the parameters set by the Department of Education. 
    To implement a plan and measure the successes and challenges of the plan and make changes when necessary. 

    Board Goals 2020-2021

    To support the administration and staff in the implementation of a COVID plan to educate Demarest Students.

    2019-2020 District Goals

    Student Achievement: Implement a new economics curriculum to meet the NJ financial literacy standards.

    Health & Wellness: New cafeteria and recess equipment will be installed in order to promote physical movement, a healthy lifestyle, and a welcoming school climate.

    Student Achievement: Exploration of standards-based assessment to align to NJSLS.


     2019-2020 Board Goals

    General: Board members will continue to explore the pathway to Demarest becoming “Sustainable Jersey Certified”. The Committee will present their findings and recommendations to the entire Board for a decision as to how to proceed.

    Update: Committee met several times and reported back to the full Board. Decided not to undertake the challenge but decided to look at parts of the program. 

    General: Board members will conduct a feasibility study of different Strategic Planning methods which would involve the community. They will get proposals from consulting firms and interview them for consideration.

    Update: In progress. Business Administrator began to gather information from various consulting firms but due to COVID, this was put on hold.