• District  Goals  2017-2018

    1. Continue to expand the community outreach initiatives including utilizing Chalkboard, the district app, and press releases to local news outlets.


    1. Maintain certification as a Future Ready School, using the HUB, which provides resources and professional learning opportunities for school leaders.


    1.  Continue the health and wellness initiative to meet the growing needs of our student population.


    1.  The administration will establish ways for students to use social media responsibly. Presentations will be given to parents to educate families on the pros and cons of social media and cell phone use.


    Board Goals  2017-2018 

    1.  Board members will select an area of professional development to explore  and bring back learnings to the board for presentation and discussion. 

    2.  The board will establish a schedule of site visits in cooperation with the administration, to develop more specific knowledge of buildings and grounds maintenance and improvements.


    District Goals for the 2016-2017 School Year

    1.    Implement and monitor a new STEM program in grade four to provide greater articulation into our middle school STEM program. -  Achieved!

    2.    Continue to build trust and engagement with community outreach initiatives with the addition of a new District App. -  Achieved!

    3.    Creation of an integrated preschool program that will benefit children with and without disabilities socially, academically, and emotionally. -  Achieved!

    4.    Expand Teachers College Assessment to the middle school in grade five and including all special education students. 75% of students assessed will increase by one reading level by the end of the year. -  Achieved!

       Board Goals for the 2016-2017 School Year

    1.    Successfully negotiate DEA contract, support staff and other administrators. -  Achieved!

    2.    BOE will continue its review of the Facility Study, prioritize projects, and identify any additional curriculum and enrollment related construction needs.   The Board will develop a timeline for completion of projects.  -  Achieved!