• District Goal(s) 2022-2023

    • As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, identifying gaps in learning will help determine the best support for students. Staff will implement practices that support learning for mastery by regularly analyzing data from benchmark and classroom assessments. 
    • Create an appropriately sized middle school gymnasium to support the health, wellness and athleticism of our student population. 

    Board Goal(s) 2022-2023

    • To successfully negotiate a new contract with the Demarest Education Association, support staff and other administrators. 
    • To become familiar with financial statements and reports (including the audit, monthly statements, and budget). 

    District Goal(s) 2021-2022

    • To create and implement The Road Forward, a plan to continue to educate the student population during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • To create an addition at County Road School to support large and small group instruction. - Achieved

    Board Goal(s) 2021-2022

    • To support the administration and staff in the implementation of The Road Forward. - Achieved