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    Dr. Michelle Terzini-Hollar, M.A., MS.Ed., P.D., Ph.D.
    School Psychologist/CST Supervisor

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    My career in education began in the classroom where I taught French and English as a Second Language for over a decade. A major shift away from teacher-focused activities to understanding the inner world of children and how personal experiences and perceptions influence learning occurred when I became an instructor of English as a Second Language.  Teaching youngsters of limited English represented a critical incident in my professional life as it provided the impetus for me to earn an MS. Ed. in the Psychology of Bilingual students, a P.D. in Bilingual School Psychology, and a Ph.D. 
    Entering the field of psychology as an educator has been invaluable as I possess first hand insight to the systemic underpinnings of educational institutions.  Having lived as a teacher for over a decade enables me to bring depth to consultative relationships with parents and teachers.  As a parent, I understand the necessity of positive home-school relationships.  Parenting has also taught me compassion and empathy, an essential trait in helping others navigate the world of special education.  Some parents can easily embrace the road of special education, for others it is a process requiring great consideration. As a psychologist, I have practiced in a wide range of environments including the New Jersey Public School System, the Audrey Hepburn Children's House at Hackensack University Medical Centre, Fordham's Consultation Centers as well as private practice.  
    My areas of specialization include the psychology of the bilingual child, bicultural stressors, development of acculturative identities, acculturative stress, coping in child and adolescent populations, depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, psychological assessment, and factors contributing to well-being and creativity in children.  
    Working in the field of education has never simply been a job or even a career path; it has been a vocation.  There is nothing more important than advocating for youngsters.  My greatest professional reward is watching children reach their personal potentials. 
    Michelle Terzini-Hollar, Ph.D. 
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