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    Welcome to Speech and Language
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    What is Speech Therapy?
    Speech therapy is a fun and motivating way to learn clear pronunciation and effective language skills.
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    My students generally receive speech therapy in small groups or infused in class, and are given homework on an as-needed basis.  Parents may also request home activities for speech practice.  

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    Is it Speech
    or is it Language?!
    Speech vs Language  
    Speech or Articulation refers to the sounds our lips, teeth, and tongue produce to form words.
    Language refers to the system of communication we use to convey meaning from one person to another.
    Speech Disorder: difficulty producing sounds
    • Articulation: Omissions or substitutions when pronouncing words.
    • Fluency: Hesitation between sounds or words.  Repetition or prolongation of phrases or words.
    • Voice: monotone, harsh, breathy, or singsong voice tone.
    Language Disorder:  difficulty understanding others and/or difficulty expressing self using words
    • Slow rate of vocabulary acquisition, understanding, or employing new words.
    • Difficulty understanding oral directions or abstract ideas.
    • Difficulty with syntax (word order), and morphology (present/past tense).
    • Problems engaging in conversation/social interaction with peers.



    Contact Information:
    Name:  Ellen Ricciutti, M.A., CCC-SLP   
    Dept:  Speech and Language      
    Voicemail:  (201) 768-6060 ext. 52272