• New Student Online Pre-Registration
    For PreK3, PreK4 and Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year, forms will be available in January 2020. 
    To register a student for grades 1 - 8, or a kindergarten student entering for the CURRENT year (2019-2020 school year), please follow the instructions below. 
    If you are registering a student who has previously attended a Demarest Public School
    please contact the main office of the school your child will be attending.
    County Road School (grades PK - 1): 201.768.6060, x51535 
    Luther Lee Emerson School (grades 2 - 4):  201.768.6060, x52255
    Demarest Middle School (grades 5 - 8):  201.768.6060, x53325
    Step One: Visit our ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION WEBSITE to begin. Please make sure to print the pre-registration confirmation page before logging out of the ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION website.   
    Step Two: 

    Please print and fill out the documents below that pertain to the appropriate school.

    * Complete all the "All Schools" documents and the District Language Survey for each child you are registering.

    * For students in Grades kindergarten through 4, complete the CRS LLE Physical Form

    * For students in grades 5 through 8, complete the DMS physical form

    (You may also access these forms within the Pre-Registration Website)
    Step Three: Once you have completed our ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION, please call the appropriate school office in order to schedule an appointment to complete registration.
    County Road School (grades K & 1): 201.768.6060, x51535 
    Luther Lee Emerson School (grades 2 - 4):  201.768.6060, x52255
    Demarest Middle School (grades 5 - 8):  201.768.6060, x53325

    Please bring original proof of domicile. Permissible proof is: 

    • Property tax bills, deeds, contracts of sale, leases, mortgage, signed letter from landlord, etc.
    • Voter registration, licenses, permits, financial account information, utility bills, etc.
    • Court orders, state agency agreements
    • Receipts, bill, cancelled checks, insurance claims or payments, etc.
    • Medical reports, social worker assessments, employment documents, etc.
    • Affidavits, sworn statements, etc.
    • Documents pertaining to Military Status and assignment
    • Documents issued by a governmental entity. 
    If you have any questions, please call the appropriate school office listed above.