DMS Academic Enrichment 2020-2021


    Mrs. Desmond

    Monday: 5th Grade Art Club
    Tuesday: 6th Grade Art Club
    Wednesday:  7th Grade Art Club
    Thursday: 8th Grade Art Club
    Friday:  Selective Visual Arts (Invitation Only)
    All of the above take place during Period 9.
    Art Club:
    Art Club is a time to get together with other creative kids.  Activities include, step-by-step "how-to-draws", seasonal pictures, and even creating artwork for others.  Students can also attend Art Club to complete/catch-up on art assignments from Visual Arts class, or receive guidance on any creative project they may be working on.
    No need to "join".  Come when you can!
    Selective Visual Arts:

    Students are selected by Ms. Desmond to be part of Selective Visual Artsbased on classroom performance. Students in grades 6-8 will meet once a weekto complete challenging art projects such as art contests, school beautification, and personal pursuits.

    Criteria for selection includes a combination of some of the following:

    • Exceptional drawing and/or design abilities
    • Unusual and richly imaginative ideas
    • Composes with exceptional detail and skill
    • Elaborates on other people’s ideas and uses them as a jumping off point as opposed to copying from others
    • High level of interest
    • Exceptional independent work habits
    • Exceptional attitude and willingness to try new things


    Mrs. DiMartini

    STEM Enrichment Grades 5 - 8

    A weekly STEM challenge is posted on Powerschool every Monday. Students log on to Powerschool to see the challenge, decide if they will be completing it that week, and if so, they begin work. They meet, via Zoom, once a week with students in their grade and Mrs. DiMartini to talk about the challenge and about their ideas. They will have until that Sunday to complete their STEM project and either photograph it or take a video to share with Mrs. DiMartini. Joining challenges is open and flexible. No sign up necessary. 


    Ms. Donahue

    During Fitness Enrichment, students are led through a variety of different workouts. All workouts can be done with or without equipment, and they incorporate exercises that utilize muscles throughout the entire body. Workouts are timed and all exercises can be modified to make the movements easier or more challenging. I demonstrate all the exercises and complete the workout "alongside" the students, making sure to check everyone's form and that all students are performing the exercises safely and correctly. Every workout starts with a dynamic warm-up and ends with a brief cool down. We conclude the class with a brief discussion reflecting on the workout and talk about specific fitness concepts that the students can implement in their daily lives. 


    Mr. Gonzales

    PE enrichment give students knowledge and skills to make the most of their physical and mental abilities along with the building blocks necessary  for good health