• This year, The Demarest Middle School District is implementing a 1:1 initiative whereby each student will be given a school-issued laptop.  The intention is to enhance learning in and out of the classroom by utilizing the Internet and various applications. Our goal is to enhance student achievement and engagement in school as 21st century skills are built.  The computers will be issued to each student for the entire school year.  These laptops will remain property of The Demarest Board of Education and must be treated as such.  Students and parents/guardians are expected to adhere to the rules and guidelines in our Acceptable Use Policy while using school-issued computers. The following is a “top ten list” of  parent/guardian guidelines.


    1.     No pupil will be permitted to use the laptop or network until his/her parent/guardian signs the District Consent and Release Form.  Parents/guardians who do not wish their child(ren) to have access to the internet must notify the principal in writing.

    2.     A required insurance protection plan for school issued computers that covers theft, accidental damage, drops, liquid spills & submersion, cracked screens mechanical breakdowns and manufacturer defects will cost approximately $85.00 per unit.  If insurance is not purchased, laptops are not allowed off school property and students are responsible for any damage that occurs on school grounds.  Parents/guardians unable to pay for the insurance plan should notify the school principal.  The laptop should be kept in its District provided protective case at all times.

    3.     The use of private wireless internet connections is not allowed during school hours.  Students are, however, allowed to set up wireless networks on school-issued laptops at home only.  Parents/ guardians are responsible for monitoring internet use at home.

    4.     If parents/guardians elect not to receive a school-issued computer, a home-issued device that meets the “Bring Your Own Device” specifications may be provided. 

    5.     School and home issued devices must allow for The District installation of software and user profiles that may be required to access the computer network, to filter content and/or for test administration.  Profile settings may not be altered in any way.  Home and school issued devices can be collected at any time for updates and general inspection.

    6.     Students are responsible for caring for their devices by keeping the battery charged and computer ready for school each day.  Teachers are permitted to deny technology use if the computer is not charged.   Also, a clean, soft cloth should be used for cleaning as chemicals will cause damage to the screen.

    7.     The District is not responsible for damages to devices brought from home. Please refer to the homeowner’s insurance coverage for damages and theft coverage.  Accidents, vandalism or theft must be reported to the appropriate technician or administrator within one school day.  In cases of theft, loss or vandalism, students or parents/guardians must file a police report and bring a copy of this report to the principal before a new device can be issued.

    8.     Laptops may not be used to record, transmit or post photos or videos of any person without their knowledge or consent.  Images, photos, videos and audio files recorded at school may not be posted or transmitted without the permission of a faculty member.

    9.     Demarest Public Schools will not use the camera, GPS and/or other features capable of recording or collecting information in a manner that will violate the privacy rights of the student.

    10.  Any infraction to The District Acceptable Use Policy can lead to suspension/revocation of technology use as well as appropriate disciplinary action as directed by the school principal.