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    Words of Wisdom from Mrs. Ross:


    Think of a mistake as an opportunity to learn something.  Always correct mistakes!

    It's not who finishes first that matters on a test, it's who finishes best and everyone can finish bestTake your time and work carefully!

     Messy Math Might Mean Mistakes.  Neatness Matters in Math!
    It's the knowledge that you take with you in life, not the grade!
    Go through a word problem one sentence at a time.

    Even though you know it, you STILL have to SHOW IT !

    When in doubt, Draw it out! (Thank you for your thoughts, Eddie Jonas)
    Information:                          schoolhouse
    Bldg:  DMS 

    Name: Mrs. Adrienne Ross

                6th Grade Math

    Email:     rossa@nvnet.org

    Voicemail: 201-768-6061   X-53379                                                                                           
    Class Information
    While building on prior learning, sixth graders will practice accuracy in problem solving while developing their understanding in areas of multi-digit division (a six-digit number by a three-digit number), division of a fraction by a fraction, and operations with decimals (to the thousandths place).  Situations involving integers, understanding and applying rational number concepts using the standard algorithms, increasing understanding of Geometry and Statistics and Probability, and ratio and proportional reasoning will be studied throughout the school year.  

    A stress is put on developing a keen number sense and applying mathematical knowledge to everyday situations. I try to keep math "real."