• Contact:
    Mrs. Maureen Desmond
    201-768-6060, x53359
    Selective Visual Arts-Ms. Desmond
    Grades 5-8

    Students are selected by Ms. Desmond to be part of Selective Visual Arts
    based on classroom performance. Each grade level meets in a small group
    once a week during period 9 to complete challenging art projects such as art
    contests, school beautification, and personal pursuits.
    Criteria for selection includes a combination of some of the following:

     Exceptional drawing and/or design abilities
     Unusual and richly imaginative ideas
     Composes with exceptional detail and skill
     Elaborates on other people’s ideas and uses them as a jumping off
    point as opposed to copying from others
     High level of interest
     Exceptional independent work habits
     Exceptional attitude and willingness to try new things