Frequently Asked Questions

    I still can't install my printer at home. Why?
    Printers at home need to be added using the following steps:
    • Click the APPLE in the upper left corner of your screen
    • Select SYSTEM Preferences
    • Click the + sign (not the lock!)
    • Search for nearby printers
    • Choose your desired printer from the list and follow the on-screen prompts 
    I followed the printer steps, but the computer is asking for an administrator login to install drivers. What now? 
    A considerable number of printer drivers are pre-installed on your child's laptop.  If you have a printer that is NOT pre-installed, your child needs to see Ms. Zimmerman before or after school for the driver installation. Please make sure they know the exact brand and model.  (Before school 8:00 a.m. to 8:20 a.m.; after school 3:05 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)
    How does my child get help with the laptop?
    Students should not be missing class time to seek help with their computers.  Mrs. Zimmerman is available in room 201 every morning before school, beginning at 8 a.m.   She is also available after school on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday until 3:45.
    Can students install personal printers for use at home?
    Yes, students can install printers. However, a software patch must be installed first.  Please email zimmermanv@nvnet.org if you need to have your computer updated. The patch will be installed remotely.  Once installed, students must restart their computers in school and then will be able to add printers at home.
    How does software get installed on the student laptops?
    The majority of software is installed over the building's server.  As a result, it is imperative that students restart their computers when they arrive at school.  If the computer is not restarted in the building, software updates and patches will not be applied.
    What's the difference between logging off and rebooting? Can't I just log in when I get to school?
    When the computer is logged off, all the software is still running, although no one is currently using it.  When a computer is rebooted, all processes shut down and  are restarted. This process is often necessary when new software has been installed.  Therefore, it's very important that students restart at least once a day in school.
    Why can't I restart at home?
    The computer needs to be connected to the Demarest Middle School network in order for software updates and patches to be applied. You can certainly restart at home, and may need to, if you've added a printer or other hardware, but district updates will only be installed in school. 
    Can I change the wallpaper, screen saver, mouse speed, etc.?
    No, you cannot make any changes to the configuration of the computer. While it's fun to personalize things to suit your interests or personality, it's important to remember that this computer is actually the property of the Demarest Board of Education and the device specifications have been standardized across all users. 
    FAQ Archive: 
    What is a 1:1 initiative? What is the history behind this initiative?

    Until recently we had approximately one device for every two students at DMS.  The district provided devices along with our B.Y.O.D. policy allowed us to grow as a community of learners and provide our students with experience across a multitude of devices.  However, through piloting a variety of devices and analyzing responses to the technology survey, we came to the conclusion that the most efficient approach would be a 1:1 learning environment with a single device. In a 1:1 learning environment each of our middle school students in grades 5-8 will be issued an 11” MacBook Air with a hard case in the fall of 2015.


    Who will be getting a computer?

    Thanks to the hard work, generosity, and long-term planning of the Demarest Board of Education, each of our middle school students in grades 5-8 will be issued an 11” MacBook Air with a hard case.


    When will the devices be distributed?

    We anticipate distributing the devices during the first week of school. Current DMS students will receive their laptops during the school day. New students and incoming 5th graders will attend an evening event, along with one parent or guardian.   

    Is there any cost to the parents / guardians?

    We ask that each family purchase insurance on the device at a cost $66 in the event that the device is lost or broken.  

    Will the insurance payment be returned after the student returns a district-issued laptop?

    No. This is a fee for insurance coverage for the year as opposed to a deposit.

    Can a student elect to not take part in this initiative?

    Consistent with other districts that have gone in this direction, it should be understood that all students will need a laptop in order to participate in school during 2016-2017. So, there is no “opt-out” option.

    Can students elect to bring their own MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

    Similar to the policy held by NVRHS, students electing to bring their own device must conform to the following standards.


    MacBook Pro OR MacBook Air


    with OS X v10.14 (minimum)


    13-inch MacBook Pro OR 11-inch MacBook Air

    Local Storage

    128 GB


    8 GB


    3.5mm stereo headphone mini input, internal microphone, USB, Thunderbolt, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and FaceTime HD camera must be in normal working condition

    Battery Health

    Cycle Count less than 1000 and Normal Condition

    Protective Case

    Hard shell protective cover and/or case


    Stereo headphones are to be provided by the student to promote good hygiene


    My child has a perfectly good Windows laptop. Why can’t they just use that for this initiative? How about Parallels running the Mac OS?

    We understand that people may have perfectly good machines that run other operating systems such as Windows. We are moving toward a uniform set of hardware and software so that it becomes easier to support in the classroom, license and distribute software, administer tests, and manage all of the machines that are either owned by the school and brought in from home.