• If you are experiencing problems, check here for an answer first. If you don't find the answer to your question, email it to Ms. Zimmerman at zimmermanv@nvnet.org. She will answer your question.

    Q: What is the web site for parent access?

    A: https://www.fridayparentportal.com/demarest

    Q: Why can't I log in, even though the site is supposed to be available?

    A: If too many people hit the site at the same time, it causes the equivalent of a traffic jam. Just refresh your web browser and try again. 

    Q: Why can't I see the whole report card?

    A: You may need to scroll down in order to view all grades.


    Q: What should I do if I didn't get log in information?

     A: If you do not know your log in information, send an email to Ms. Zimmerman at zimmermanv@nvnet.org. as soon as possible. She will investigate the problem and get you the information you need to access your child(ren)'s data.  Please include the name(s) and grade(s) of your children to facilitate the process.

    Q: What if I forgot my user name?

    A: If you forget your user ID, please email zimmermanv@nvnet.org.

    Q: What if I forget my password? 

    A: Email zimmermanv@nvnet.org and it will be sent to you.

    Q: What if I want to change my user ID or password?

    A: You can change your user ID the first time you log on.  Once you select an ID, it cannot be changed.  You can change your password at any time by clicking on the My Account link on the left side of the parent portal. 

    Q: What will I see when I log in?

    A: DMS Parents: On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of links.  You start out on the homepage.  The other links will take you to different views of your child's information.  To view a report card, click the GRADES link.  To view current work, click the GRADEBOOK link

    A: LLE and CRS Parents: You will see a shorter list of links.  Report cards are still located under the GRADES link.

    Q: How do I view my other child?

    A: In order to view another child, you should first link them together under the MY ACCOUNT link.  You first log into each child's account, using the credentials previously provided.  Select the account you wish have as your "primary" login.  Log in to that account and click MY ACCOUNT.  At the bottom of the screen, there is a blue LINK STUDENTS link.  After clicking that link, you will see a listing of your other children.  In the space provided, enter your user ID and password for each child you wish to link. 

    After  linking your children together, a process you only have to do once, you will see a drop down menu toward the middle of the portal screen.  From there, you can navigate between your children by clicking on the drop down menu.

    Q: What if I don't have access to a computer, or cannot get the information I want to see?

     A: Report cards will continue to be available in the main office of all Demarest schools. Simply come to the school during the day, and one of the secretaries will print what you need. We request that you call ahead before coming in and let us know to expect you. This way, we can have the information ready when you arrive.

    Q: Will I be able to view my child's test, quiz and homework grades using this system?

     A: At Demarest Middle School, the teachers are using an "open gradebook".  By clicking on the GRADEBOOK link, you can see a listing of your child's classes and their current grades.  To get more details about a subject, click on the blue link.  If you have questions about a grade or assignment, please contact the teacher.

    Q: Why is the Grade Access sometimes unavailable?

     A: During the school year, access to grades is periodically turned off.  The majority of closures will be during the two weeks leading up to a reporting period. This allows time for the teachers to enter grades and comments. There may be other times the portal is closed for maintenance. It will also be closed for periods of time over the summer while the middle school generates student schedules.