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    "Art is the signature of civilizations." - Beverly Sills 
    Calling All Creative Parents!
    If you work in any of the creative fields, please come in and share your expertise with the students! 
    Contact me, Ms. Desmond, to arrange a day and time.

    Visual Arts: Grades 5-8

    Students attend Visual Arts class for one quarter per school year.
    Classes take place Monday-Friday.

    During the quarter students will experiment with a variety of media including pencils, pastels, oil pastels, tempera paints, oil paints and watercolors.

    Projects range from realistic drawings to abstract art. In addition, students will be introduced to artists and periods of art.

    Students are graded on an A, B, C, D, F scale.
    To earn an impressive grade, a student does not have to be the best artistically, but try their best on every task.
    Visual Arts Rubric  
    All Classes:
    Smocks are required for art class to protect clothing.  Please remember to have a smock available for painting projects.