Our new STEM Lab is an amazing space.
    There is a designated area for smartboard lessons/laptop research and another expansive section for creating/exploring
    The following is information about our program. 
     * The best means of contacting me is by email: dimartini@nvnet.org *
     I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. 
    The STEM program runs in a 10 week cycle. 
    Grades 5 through 8 will each have the opportunity to take part in STEM during the school year.  
    STEM Units are based on the engineering process: 
            • Define the Problem
            • Research
            • Brainstorm
            • Choose the Best Solution
            • Build a Model/Prototype
            • Test the Solution
            • Communicate Your Solution
            • Redesign as Needed
             Grades will be assigned on each unit completed by using the following rubric:








    STEM Criteria 

    Task Completion

    100% completed

    85-95% completed

    75-85% completed

    65-75% completed

    Less than 65% completed

    Less than 35%  completed



    Always tried hard even when tasks are difficult

    Mostly tried hard

    Often attempted tasks

    Sometimes attempted tasks

    Rarely attempted tasks

    Never attempted difficult tasks



    Always worked well with teammates

    Mostly worked well with teammates

    Often worked well with teammates

    Sometimes worked well with teammates

    Rarely worked well with teammates

    Never worked well with teammates