Course Description:  Instruction in English Language Learners (ELL) Program consists of instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing English. Students are tested after they register in school or upon recommendation of their classroom teacher.  The tests are evaluated by the ELL teacher, and an individual student's level in English is determined.  Students are scheduled for minutes of instruction based upon their skill levels.  Instruction is provided in small groups in grades K - 8.  Help for students with grade level assignments, projects, and in taking tests is provided during ELL class in conjunction with requests from grade level teachers.


    Course Overview:  The overall goal of ELL instruction is to enable every student to acquire sufficient English language skills to fulfill grade level expectations in the academic classes.  Instruction in all areas of language acquisition is provided at individual students' skill levels.  A very important component of ELL instruction is an exposure to American culture so that every individual student can become familiar and comfortable with American life.  We at all times model respect for the individual cultures and backgrounds of all students. The Demarest Schools offer high level of advanced technology such as computers, ipods, and web based activities to enable our students to achieve their language goals.  


    Class Policy:  Students are tested upon entry to the program to determine individual skill levels.  In the spring of each year students are tested to determine achievement; as well as whether they qualify to exit the ELL program. Exit from the ELL program is determined by using the multiple measures of test results, determination of achievement by the ELL teacher, and consultation between the ELL and classroom and/or subject area teachers.