• Sixth Grade Math
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    Michael J. Main
    6th Grade Math Teacher
    Demarest Middle School
    Sixth Grade Math 1 and Math 2
    The sixth grade mathematics curriculum builds on those skills introduced in previous grades. The skills we will be working on this year serve as the foundation for pre-algebra.
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    The textbook for Math 1 is Big Ideas Math Green by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell
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    The textbook for Math 2 is Big Ideas Math Advanced 1 by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell
    The first ten chapters of both books are identical. These chapters serve as units for our class.
    -Numerical Expressions and Factors
    -Fractions and Decimals
    -Algebraic Expressions and Properties
    -Areas of Polygons
    -Ratios and Rates
    -Integers and the Coordinate Plane
    -Equations and Inequalities
    -Surface Area and Volume
    -Statistical Measures
    -Data Displays
    Both classes will cover the same material that serves as the foundational skills for pre-algebra. Math 2 will move at a quicker pace and go deeper on the various units. Math 2 will cover an additional 4-5 chapters.
    -Rational Numbers
    -Expressions and Equations
    -Ratios and Proportions
    For more information on the course please see my Schoology pages.