Policies and Expectations

         Below is our policy and some of our expectations, which will apply to both practices and games. Please keep in mind that at all times we represent Demarest Middle School and its integrity.



  1. Players must maintain a minimum grade average of a C in order to participate. School always comes first!
  2. Players must be picked up promptly after both games and practices. Supervision ends after 4:45 for practice and about 5:20 for games.
  3. If students are able to walk home from practices/games, please provide an email or note in the beginning of the season granting them permission to do so.


  1. Treat everyone with respect at all times.
  2. Behave appropriately at all practices and games – WE REPRESENT DMS!
  3. Attendance at all practices and games is expected. Please inform me if you are unable to make a practice/game.
  4. Be prepared and on time for all practices and games.


I am looking forward to an enjoyable and successful season!