Fifth Grade Enrichment: Public Speaking and Debate 


    Marking Period 1   

    Course Goals:  Over the course of the marking period, we will be addressing many topics including:

    1. what claims are and how authors/speakers make them effective.
    2. how to conduct research, analyze sources, and cite them properly.
    3. how to write, organize, and present an argument.
    4. how to analyze and respond to arguments and claims thoughtfully and respectfully.


    Course Expectations:

    1. Students will be responsible and respectful to peers, teacher, and classroom environment.
    2. Students will be positive and demonstrate appropriate behavior and maturity.
    3. Students will be prepared to learn everyday with necessary materials (including computers, homework, pen/pencil, etc.).
    4. Students will gain an understanding of effective oral and written argumentation strategies.
    5. Students will learn and have fun!


    Academic Policies

    1. Assignments will be weighted by points. Class will contain individual and collaborative projects as well as nightly homework. Homework (unless otherwise noted) will be graded based on completion/effort.  All projects will have accompanying rubrics.
    2. Work submitted after due date will receive lateness deduction.  Students are encouraged to submit work, even if credit will be reduced.
    3. Students will work collaboratively, but individual students are responsible for their own work and plagiarism is not acceptable.
    4. Course content is based on 5th Grade NJ ELA Standards with special emphasis on Informational Texts, Writing, and Speaking and Listening (http://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/2016/ela/g05.pdf)