• Welcome to 5th Grade Social Studies!

    Welcome to Demarest Middle School and welcome to 5th grade social studies! Each day in our classroom, we will travel around the world as we examine different people, cultures, civilizations and environments across the globe. Together we will analyze how past interactions between people, cultures and the environment have affected our world’s history. The knowledge and skills developed in this course will give us a better understanding of the world around us as we move forward in the 21st century.


    Areas of Study:

    - World Geography & Culture

    - Southwest Asia & North Africa

    - Africa

    - Asia & Oceania

    - Europe

    - South America

    Supplies to bring to Social Studies Class:

    - CHARGED Laptop

    - Pencil & Eraser

    - Three Ring Binder

    - Accordion Folder

    - DMS Homework Planner (Agenda) 

    Extra Help

    I am available for extra help in the mornings and afternoons by appointment. Please do not hesitate to contact me to schedule an extra help session!




5th Grade Social Studies Overiew