I believe positive parent-teacher relationships are necessary for every child to succeed in school. Throughout the year, I will communicate with you through notes, newsletters, report cards, phone calls and conferences. I strongly encourage you to contact me if you have questions, concerns or comments, at any time. Please send me a note, or e-mail me at
    magnifico@nvnet.org, at any time!

    All students will use a black Daily Folder. It will travel to and from school, everyday. All homework, newsletters, notices, schoolwork, etc. will go home in this Folder. The pockets have been labeled:  “Left = Leave at home and Right = Return to school”Please be sure to empty the left side, daily.

    Your child will have snack time each morning.  Simple, healthy snacks are encouraged. Please pack your child a snack in a bag separate from their lunch labeled with his/her name. Lunch begins at 11:45 each day.  The children eat first and then go out at 12:10 for recess.  Lunch is over at 12:35. Students may bring in a lunch ticket labeled with their name and menu item or they may bring a lunch from home. Your child will be able to purchase a snack after they eat lunch.  If you choose to send in snack money, please put in a baggy with your child's name. 

    Many children enjoy celebrating birthdays in school!  If your child chooses to bring a treat in, please be sure to provide enough for every student in the class. Please feel free to drop off a healthy snack for the class that follows the Celebration Guidelines located on the school's website, the morning of your child's birthday.  Parents do not stay for the party and goody bags should not be brought in. We have 16 children in our class.  You may drop off the treat in the office.   Thank you for your cooperation!  Note:  As per school policy, we are not permitted to hand out birthday invitations in class. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!